CoolDialer is available now for only USD 1000 !!

It's our pleasure to inform you that, your favorite CoolDialer is available for only USD 1000 now!!Synchronous is always committed to offer you best technology with best price available in the market. Telecommunication technology is an ever changing technology demanding change in software platform and business model. Synchronous is always with you as previous to deliver you with the best product in the market to meet the need of digital convergence.

Cool Dialer is a Mobile Dialer which allows you to make VoIP calls from your mobile phone using EDGE, GPRS & WiFi Internet. Having a long range of compatible handset of various mobile manufacturer, it gives you the flexibility to reach to your end customer in more cost effective way. Cool Dialer allows you to make VoIP calls using G729, G711 and GSM codecs with SIP protocol. Quality of service is the key to success in VoIP business. Cool Dialer gives you crystal clear voice by managing CNG (Comfort Noise Generation), VAD (Voice Activity Detection), PLC (Packet Loss Concealment) properly. Having superior control over network gives you a hassle free user experience of the software.

We believe on making things straight, clear and handy to our valuable customers to save their valuable time. All packages and ingredient of packages are available in the following table with price. Choose the best fit for you - Business Magnate, Business Mogul or Business Tycoon, whichever category match with your business status, we have solution for you.


CoolDialer Premium [g.729] USD 1000 USD 2500 USD 5000
CoolDialer Classic [GSM, g.711] USD 700 USD 1800 USD 3600
Concurrent Registration* 100 300 Unlimited
SyncTunnel* USD 3000 USD 2500 USD 1500
Additional IP N/A N/A USD 1800
Complete Branding with own logo, no Validation Code* USD 1000 USD 1000 USD 1000
Package Upgrade MAGNATE >> MOGUL : USD 2000, MAGNATE >> TYCOON : USD 4500 MOGUL >> TYCOON : $3000 N/A
SyncSwitch 150* USD 400/Month USD 400/Month USD 400/Month
SyncSwitch 250* USD 500/Month USD 500/Month USD 500/Month
SyncSwitch 350* USD 600/Month USD 600/Month USD 600/Month
. . . .


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